Hello all!

As we finish our first week of outdoor swim I hope all your swimmers have warmed up!

Couple reminders and updates

The officials training for this Sunday has been cancelled due to low participation. If you are interested in becoming an official there are other trainings held throughout our areas.  You can log into the site that was listed to register for this training to see other scheduled classes

Your swimmers should have brought BBG Chicken dinner tickets home from practice this week.  PLEASE return money for these tickets next week to practice.  If you need more tickets please let Michelle or I know and we can get you more.  If you do not return money or tickets we will assume you have bought the tickets and let the Lions Club know our count accordingly so PLEASE return as soon as possible

Please sign up for swim meets on our website.  All meets are listed and you can state if you plan or do not plan on swimming in the meet.  Please remember that if you sign up for a meet you are expected to be there.  Line ups for events are turned in ahead and if your swimmer does not show for a meet they registered it can affect other kids if they are on a relay.  We strongly encourage ALL swimmers to swim in the meets. It is a great experience even for the youngest swimmers.  If you are unsure or have questions, ask Coach Bre for advice.

ALSO please sign up to volunteer at our home meets.  We have only 3 home meets and we NEED everyone to participate at all meets.  All spots need to be filled and to keep our costs down for our team we rely on your help.  Questions, please let me know.

Last, there is an order form now posted on the Tigersharks tab for personalized swim towels.  If interested please see order form.

Thank you for all your help!

Happy Swimming!